Faculty Campus Safety Protocols

All faculty must follow COVID-19 safety protocols while on campus.

Vaccine Policy / Requirement 

    Please read CNM's vaccine policy/requirement, effective Oct. 1, 2021.

    Face Masks

    Though CNM recommends face masks, we do not require face masks to be worn indoors or outdoors at CNM locations.

    To help keep everyone at CNM safe, faculty is required to strictly follow the COVID-19 safety guidelines below.

    COVID-19 Symptom Checking

    • Stay home and make alternative plans to provide instruction to your students if you are feeling sick.
    • Complete the Health Self-Assessment Checklist each day before coming on campus. If you were scheduled to be on campus and are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, you must complete the Health Self-Assessment Checklist, even if you do not come on campus that day. This will trigger the COVID Case Team to perform contact tracing. This is required even if you believe your symptoms have a cause other than COVID-19.
    • Ensure students have completed the student Health Self-Assessment Checklist and have received notice that they are approved to come on campus before each in-person class. If a student tests positive or has symptoms in class they should contact the COVID Case Team immediately at COVIDCaseTeam@cnm.edu. Make sure the student does not come to class or goes home as soon as possible and follows all the steps provided by the COVID Case Team.


    Take attendance each class. Create a seating chart if any students in your classroom are within six feet of each other, in case there's a need for contact tracing.

    Face Coverings

    CNM has 3-ply, surgical-style masks available for free. Individuals can pick up a maximum of five masks per visit. For extra protection, the Centers for Disease Control recommends wearing a 3-ply mask under a cloth mask. Locations for pickup of masks are below. For departments that need larger supplies of masks, they can be ordered via Footprints. 

    • Main Campus, Student Services Center Welcome Desk
    • Main Campus, Max Salazar Hall, 5th Floor
    • Main Campus, Ted Chavez Hall, Marketing & Communications Office
    • Westside Campus, Security Office
    • Montoya Campus, Richard Barr Hall, Room 101
    • Rio Rancho & South Valley Campuses – Call Security at 224-3002 if you need masks and they’ll deliver to you.

    Cleanliness and Sanitation

    Remind students to disinfect any shared or loaned tools before and after each class. Ensure there are disposable face masks, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes available; order more through Footprints if needed.

    Additional Signage

    Contact your administration or the Physical Plant Department if signage for safety practices (handwashing, face covering, COVID-19 symptom list, social distancing, etc.) is needed.