#CNMWitD Student Projects (2016)

The Water in the Desert Project (#CNMWitD) in 2016 was a 4-week, campus-wide, hands-on learning project centered on western water issues. It consisted of a service (field trips, activities), film and speaker series.

Participating students showcased their newfound knowledge about water resources issues as their class projects or service learning projects.

Student Projects

From ENG 2219 Technical Writing by Marissa Juarez

Students worked under the direction of CNM’s Facilities Department and the Water in the Desert Project coordinators to propose and develop a “deliverable” that will:

  • help educate a larger public about CNM’s recent sustainability initiatives and
  • persuade the audience to take action.

The final deliverables submitted to the project are available below:

From PSY 2200 Statistical Principles by Asa Stone

Water in the Desert Service Learning students in this course were tasked to create outreach tools for the project by

  • applying community-based social marketing
  • using statistical principles to examine the effectiveness of their outreach tool

The final project reports are available below:

Fall 2016 Certificate in Sustainability Recipients 

The following students who completed 8 hours of experiential learning on Water in the Desert project were awarded a Certificate in Sustainability from CNM:

  • Robert Bosanko 
  • Gregory Dugay 
  • Debbie Garduno 
  • William R. Hale 
  • Lauren Komnick 
  • Sergio Lozoya 
  • Byron Radosevich 
  • Michon Santos 
  • Brittney Tavasci