#CNMWitD Student Conference Exhibits (2015)

The Water in the Desert Project (#CNMWitD) in 2015 was an 8-week, campus-wide, hands-on learning project centered on western water issues. It will consist of a service (field trips, activities), film and speaker series.

Participating students showcased their newfound knowledge about water resources issues at the Water in the Desert Student Conference and Education Expo.

Student Projects

From Arts 1125 Practices I Lea Anderson

Lea Anderson's Westside Art Practices I students have created “Idea Flow”, a river-like installation of hundreds of individual writings collected from hundreds of people. Students asked participants of all ages and walks of life to to write down messages they would like to share about water issues, to express their concerns about water issues, or to describe what water symbolizes to them. Submissions were collected both in person and through social media and originate not only from New Mexico, but nationally and internationally as well. This project is inspired by the artist Christine Destrempes, who has created several similar installation projects under the title of “Art for Water.” The exhibit will be on the first floor of the L building at Main campus through January 2016.

Student Artists: Cynthia Bohannon, Madelaine Griesel, Ben Hernandez, Janelle Lebron, Elora Madewell, Michael Marin Rodriguez, Phillip Martinez Aguilar, Crystal Montanez, Clifton Pierce, Raymond Quintero, Claire Rand, Miriam Scholl, Jennifer Stephens, Kym Thurman, Robert Vanderburg, and Melinda Williams.

Lea Anderson WiTD Project 1

Lea Anderson WiTD Project 2

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From BIO 1192 Environmental Science Lab by Steven Glass

by Laura Albert

Laura Albert WiTD Project 1  Laura Albert WiTD Project 2

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From PSY 2265 Cognitive Psychology by Asa Stone

Water in the Desert Service Learning students in this course were tasked to create outreach tools for the project by applying cognitive psychological principles.

Outreach Tool for Xeriscaping by Margaret Austin

The Politics of Water by Shelby Greaser

Water in the Desert by Jonathan Lawson

From Hydration Station Mapping Contest Molly Blumhoefer

Some Water in the Desert Service Learning students chose to provide their service to CNM's sustainability efforts by mapping all hydration stations on main campus using any available tools.

Hydration Map by Desiree Eriacho, a #CNMWitD Service Learning student for Monique Lacoste’s COMM 1130 Public Speaking.

Hydration Map by Lucinda Kensta, a #CNMWitD Service Learning student for Elizabeth Bennett’s SOC 2299 Sociology Capstone

Hydration Map by J.T. Solace, a #CNMWitD student for Molly Blumhoefer’s GEOG 1102 Human Geography

From ENG 2219 Technical Writing Marissa Juarez

Students worked under the direction of CNM’s Facilities Department and Water in the Desert coordinators to propose and develop a “deliverable” that will:

  • help educate a larger public about CNM’s recent sustainability initiatives and
  • persuade the audience to take action.

Efficient Landscaping in New Mexico by Alisha Turnbull, Hannah Halbgewachs, and Judem Bojorquez 

Hydrate and Save by Jena Rodgers, Merin Rodgers, and Vanessa Torres

Benefits of Drinking Water by Julio Santiesteban, Nathan Mendoza, and Joshua Powers

CNM Hydration Station Locations by Celia Robinson, Daniel War, and Mario Roiz

Hydration Stations: Awareness on the Benefits of Hydration by Eev Spicer and Brandon Vicenti

Benefits of Reusable Water Bottles: Save the Planet and Save your Wallet by Marisa Esquivel, Meghan Powers, and Monica Vigil

Arbor Day in New Mexico by Taylor Amestoy, Melodie Atchison, and Spenser Henderson 

CNM Montoya Campus Water Conservation Guide by Joshua Boruff, Justine Pecos, and Andrea Preer

CNM Hydration Stations by Olivea L. Dawkins, Josh Escandon, and Eloyd Lee Gonzales 

Wayfinding Project Community Garden with Consumable Plants by Andrea McNeely, Patricia van Dyck, and Stephanie Wright

Hydration Station Usage Recommendation Report by Nate Aragon and Jeremy Marquez

To Hydrate or Not To Hydrate? by Alli Dolin, Charidee Amos, and Taylor Speis


The Water in the Desert Project was co-created by Carson Bennett (Grant Writer), Molly Blumhoefer (Geography Instructor), Heather Fitzgerald (Biology Instructor), Steven Glass (Biology Instructor), Monique Lacoste (Communication Instructor), Sandra Rourke (English Instructor), Sue Small (SAGE Instructor), and Asa Stone (Psychology Instructor).

The Water in the Desert project is funded in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation, DUE #1257496.