Section VI

CNM Policies for Board Information


The Board supports and promotes articulation whenever possible as a means of facilitating student achievement of educational goals.

Committee: Planning

Campaigns or Activities for Raising Money

College employees and students will not be required on, in, or about College property to participate in any organized campaign to raise funds for any purpose.

Contests and Awarding of Prizes

Contests and activities which are sponsored by outside agencies and which may involve participation by students or employees or granting of awards or prizes to students or employees may be announced or permitted in the College with prior approval of the President.

Distance Learning

The Governing Board supports providing distance learning opportunities that will respond to the increasing educational and training needs of the citizens it serves.

Gifts and Donations

The Governing Board has authorized the CNM Foundation to accept, donations, devices, and title to property for the College. Presentation of memorials or other awards will be fittingly recognized by the Board. Such recognition will in no case be considered as a testimonial or endorsement by the College of a product or business enterprise.

Inspection/Release of College Records

The Governing Board recognizes the right of the public to examine any public record on file at the College. Accordingly, the Board has adopted a College policy for inspection of public records and acquisition of copies of said records. The policy and procedure is published in the Employee Handbook.

Information Technology Use Policy

The Governing Board recognizes that Information Technology resources and systems enhance CNM's ability to deliver educational services and facilitate job performance and College operations; therefore, the Board endorses and supports responsible use of CNM's Information Technology resources and systems. The College has an Information Technology Use Administrative Directive located in The Source procedure manual as IS-1002.

Naming of College Facilities

CNM may choose to name facilities (buildings, room or areas) after an individual(s) or business entity(ies) with a history of exceptional contributions to the institution. Such designations will be made in accordance with the following CNM guidelines:

A. An honoree may not be employed by the College or be a member of the Governing Board or the CNM Foundation Board at the time of the designation. An honoree will have left employment, Governing Board or CNM Foundation Board service for at least one year prior or will have been deceased for at least one year prior to such a designation being made. 

B. An honoree will have earned distinction through extraordinary service or financial contributions to the College and by having demonstrated exemplary character. 

C. A person who has contributed financially to a specific facility should be given strong consideration as an honoree if the amount contributed equals at least one-third of the cost of the facility. 

D. Any facility carrying an honorary name designation, whenever possible, should also carry a current functional designation. 

E. The Governing Board will approve all honorary name designations for College facilities and may discontinue any such designations. 

F. The College reserves the right to physically alter any facility carrying on honorary name designation.

Political Activities

The Governing Board adopted the CNM policy governing political activities. The policy is published in the Employee Handbook Section 12.16.

Tuition and Fees

It is the policy of the Governing Board to make CNM’s educational offerings available at the lowest possible cost to the student. 

Annually, the Finance Committee of the Board recommends to the Governing Board tuition rates based on residency status as follows:

  • New Mexico Resident Residing Inside the CNM District 
  • New Mexico Resident Residing Outside the CNM District 
  • Non-New Mexico Resident 
  • International students 
  • CNM Online

Determination of Resident/Nonresident Status

The College follows the regulations of the New Mexico Higher Education Department in determining if a person is a resident or nonresident of New Mexico for tuition purposes


Fees collected from the student and applied to the operating costs of the College are set annually by the Governing Board.

Committee: Planning