Board Member Job Description


Member, Governing Board of CNM

Reports to

Board Chair


To serve as a voting member of the Governing Board for CNM by determining policies, procedures and regulations, monitoring financial performance, ensuring the effective governance of the College, and ensuring CNM’s resources serve its mission and purpose.


Beginning ________ and ending ________.

Time Expectations

  • Attend regularly scheduled Board meetings held on the second Tuesday of every month. 
  • Participate actively in one or more committees of the Board. 
  • Attend scheduled Board retreats, planning meetings, workshops or other Board development activities. 
  • Attend, support and participate in CNM special events.


  • Fully understand and support the mission of CNM. 
  • Establish policy. 
  • Hire, supervise and evaluate the President. 
  • Monitor CNM’s financial performance. 
  • Develop and monitor short and long-range planning and goals. 
  • Represent CNM to the public and private sector; serve as an advocate for CNM. 
  • Bring personal/professional expertise and that of others to support the mission of CNM. 
  • Abide by the Duties of Care, Loyalty and Honesty.

Committee: Executive

Annual Board Commitment Letter

I [_______________] agree to serve as a member of the Governing Board of CNM. I understand that my term of office begins [___________] and extends for [______] years, ending [__________]. 

As a member of the Governing Board, I agree to: 

Support, promote and advocate for CNM;

Attend all meetings of the Board, including special meetings, unless excused;

Avoid any conflict of interest or appearance of a conflict;
Abide by the Governing Board’s Code of Ethics;
Participate in short and long range planning activities;
Ensure effective fiscal controls and accountability;
Approve the annual budget;
Ensure CNM meets all legal and corporate requirements;
Establish such programs, provide such courses and other services as necessary for the education of CNM students;
Maintain control and management of all College property and use such funds and property to promote College business in such ways the Board deems necessary and proper and in accordance with law;
Support, evaluate and counsel the CNM College President;
In consultation with the President, make and adopt, amend and repeal rules and regulations for the governance of the College;
Interpret the College program to the public and seek the opinion and advice of citizens of the District about matters concerning the educational program;
Work cooperatively with the President to work with College staff and interested citizens in a continuous effort to improve the total College program.

I agree that if, at any time, I am unable to fulfill the commitments of a member of the Governing Board of CNM, I will give appropriate notice of resignation to the Chair of the Board.

Name: ________________

Signature: ________________

Date: ________________

Committee: Executive

Code of Ethics Signature Page

As a member of the Central New Mexico Community College Governing Board, it is my duty and responsibility to: 

A. Recognize and honor the fact that my fellow citizens have entrusted me with the educational development of the men and women attending this College. 

B. Recognize and honor the fact that the public expects my first and greatest concern to be in the best interest of each and every student without distinction. 

C. Devote time, thought and study to the duties and responsibilities of a Board member so that I may render effective and credible service. 

D. Work with my fellow Board members in a spirit of harmony and cooperation in spite of differences of opinion that may arise during vigorous debates of points of issue. 

E. Base my personal decision upon all available facts in each situation, vote my honest conviction in every case unswayed by partisan bias of any kind, and abide by and uphold the final majority decision of the Board. 

F. Remember that as an individual I have no legal authority outside the meetings of the Board and conduct my relationships with the college employees, the local citizenry and all media of communication on the basis of this fact. Recognize any conflict of interest both in appearance and fact regarding decisions made by the College and announce said interest prior to Board discussion. Refrain from voting in cases when a conflict of interest may occur. 

G. Remember that the primary function of the Board is to establish the policies by which the College is to be administered, but that the administration of the educational program and the conduct of routine College business will be left to the President of the College and his/her professional and nonprofessional staff. 

H. Resist every temptation and outside pressure to use my position as a board member to benefit either myself or any other individual or agency apart from the total interest of the College. 

I. Strive step-by-step toward ideal conditions for most effective service of the Board of Trustees to my community and state, in a spirit of teamwork and devotion to public education as the greatest instrument for the preservation and perpetuation of our representative democracy.

Signed: ________________

Date: ________________

Committee: Executive

Conflict of Interest Statement/Signature Page

The Board believes it is essential that conflict of interest or any appearance thereof be avoided in all College-related matters. No member of the Governing Board will knowingly: 

A. Disclose or use confidential information about the College to advance the financial or other private interests of said member or others; 

B. Use College assets or equipment for any unlawful or improper purpose or to promote a personal business interest; 

C. Approve or make any payment of College funds with the intention that any part of said funds be used for any purpose other than that described in the supporting documents; 

D. Participate in the negotiation or the making of any contract between the College and any business entity in which the employee has a financial interest, either directly or indirectly; 

E. Represent a private interest in any action or proceeding before the Governing Board; 

F. Request or receive any money, thing of value or promise thereof, that is conditioned upon or given in exchange for performance or promised performance of an official act; 

G. Render any commercial service to the College on a commission basis; 

H. Serve on any College evaluation committee for proposals or bids without disclosing any potential conflict of interest prior to the start of committee business. 


I agree to readily disclose any potential conflict of interest, making it a matter of record, through an annual procedure or when the interest becomes a matter of board action. 

I agree that I will not vote or use my personal influence on any matter, which might constitute a conflict of interest. I will ensure the minutes of any meeting where this might occur duly show that I have abstained from voting due to the potential or occurrence of a conflict of interest. 

I understand that I may state my opinion or position on any matter described above, or answer pertinent questions to which I may lend my expertise, so long as I abstain myself from a board vote on the matter. 

Signed: ________________

Date: ________________

Committee: Executive

Roles of Board Committees

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is comprised of the elected officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary) of the Governing Board. 

Key Responsibilities of the Governing Board

1. Provide oversight to the Governing Board in all matters pertaining to its operation. 

2. Monitor progress of, and hold Board committees responsible for achievement of responsibilities and goals. 

3. Establish guidelines for Board meeting procedures, and approve Board meeting agendas. 

4. Ensure compliance with New Mexico state statutes governing CNM, Open Meetings Act and all pertinent regulations. 

5. Review and approve new and revised College policies presented by CNM staff. 

6. Review and recommend for Board approval, revisions of Governing Board and Employee handbooks. 

7. Review and recommend for approval the Annual Academic Calendar.

Committee: Executive

Audit Committee

Duties and Responsibilities

Ensure that appropriate accounting policies and internal controls are followed and that CNM issues timely financial statements in accordance with applicable regulatory obligations. In addition, the committee confirms that CNM follows all applicable state guidelines for oversight as required. 

Key Responsibilities to the Governing Board

External Auditors

1. Recommend the hiring of an external independent auditor and the terms, including compensation, for any services performed by the auditor. 

2. Review and approve the scope of the annual external audit and the annual financial statements and auditor’s reports. 

3. Request the External Auditor to periodically report the status of the audit to the Committee during the audit process, during the writing of the audit report and after the report is completed. 

4. Evaluate the External Auditor annually to determine if its services should be continued or terminated and make appropriate recommendations to the Board. 

5. Review Administration letters, including Administration responses and plans to address the auditor’s recommendations. 

Internal Audit

1. Prepare a job description, specifying qualifications for the Internal Auditor, determine the applicant search procedure and make recommendations to the Board, with the assistance of the CNM Human Resources Department, on the selection and termination of the Internal Auditor. 

2. Provide general guidance, priorities and potential areas for the audit, including requesting follow-up to issues identified in audit(s). 

3. Coordinate the work of the Department with the needs of the Board and the Administration. 

4. Annually evaluate the performance of the Internal Auditor in collaboration with the Administration. 

5. Approve all special audits. 

6. Approve all audit reports before the reports are submitted to the Board for its consideration and approval. 

Prior to the beginning of each fiscal year, the Internal Auditor will submit an annual Audit Plan to the Committee for review and approval. The Committee members, other Board members, and the Administration may recommend areas for inclusion in the Audit Plan, which will include the departments, offices, and activities scheduled for audit during the year and estimated time required to completed the Audit Plan. 

Upon approval by the Committee, the Internal Audit may obtain the services of certified public accountants, qualified management consultants, or other professional experts necessary to perform the Internal Auditor’s duties. 

Committee: Audit

Capital Outlay Committee

Duties and Responsibilities

The Committee oversees and approves acquisitions and disposal of capital projects within the structure of the CNM annual budget. In addition, the committee confirms that CNM follows all applicable state guidelines as required. 

Key Responsibilities to the Governing Board

1. Approve and recommend the disposition of real property. 

2. Approve and recommend any project not included in the annual Master Plan, with an estimated project cost exceeding $100, 000 (including gross receipts tax) as an out-of-cycle master plan project. 

3. Approve and recommend any demolition of real property. 

4. Approve and recommend informational technology projects(s) based on total estimated costs exceeding $100,000 (including gross receipts tax). 

5. Approve change orders that increase the approved cost of a project by more than ten percent (10%) 

6. Approve Master Plan related procurement with a potential to exceed $300,000 (including GRT) but less than $500,000 (including GRT), and expenditure of funds for capital outlay projects that have an estimated project cost exceeding $100,000. 

7. Approve and recommend full Governing Board approval of any non-audit/legal procurement with a potential to exceed $500,000 (including GRT). 

8. Approve and recommend the disposition of any item of tangible personal property with a current resale value of $5,000 or less and worn-out, unusable or obsolete to the extent that the item is no longer economical or safe for continued use per Section 13-6-1 NMSA 1978 and Audit Rule 2.2.2 NMAC. 

9. Approve the disposition of any computer or server included in the planned disposition. CNM staff will sanitize or effectively make inaccessible, all licensed software and any electronic media pertaining to CNM. Hard drive erasure or destruction certification is required per the Audit Rule 2.2.2 NMAC even if the asset originally cost less than the capitalization threshold at the time of purchase, and the asset was not included in the capital asset inventory. 

Committee: Capital Outlay

Finance Committee

Duties and Responsibilities

Key Responsibilities to the Governing Board

1. Review and recommend approval of the Annual Operating Budget – unrestricted & restricted. 

2. Review and recommend approval of the Capital Outlay Budget. 

3. Review and recommend approval of and necessary budget revisions. 

4. Review budget status reports on a quarterly basis. 

5. Review and recommend approval of the Tuition & Fee Plan. 

6. Review and recommend approval of the Employee Compensation Plan. 

7. Review and approve the Higher Education Department’s Fiscal Watch Report quarterly. 

8. Certify the Fixed Assets Inventory annually. 

9. Review and recommend approval of the Investment Activity Report annually. 

10. Review and recommend amendments of the Debt Management Policy as needed. 

11. Review and recommend amendments of the Investment Policy as needed. 

12. Review and recommend amendments of the Fund Balance Policy as needed. 

13. Confirm that CNM follows all applicable state guidelines as required. 

14. Review and recommend approval by the full Governing Board of non-Master Plan procurement with actual or potential value of $500,000 or more. 

Committee: Finance

Planning Committee

Duties and Responsibilities

Key Responsibilities to the Governing Board

1. Review and recommend for approval of the CNM Strategic Direction including updates. 

2. Review and recommend for approval of the CNM statements of Mission, Vision, and Values. 

3. Review and recommend for approval of the annual Official Academic Calendar. 

4. Approve and recommend the annual CNM Master Plan. 

5. Review and recommend for approval of updates to academic programs including additions and discontinuation. 

6. Review and recommend for approval of new degree and certificate offerings and the discontinuation of existing degrees and certificates. 

7. Review results of annual the Program Review process. 

8. Review status updates of Action Projects maintained for accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission. 

9. Review and recommend for approval of project additions to the Facilities and Technology Master Plan, including out-of-cycle Master Plan Projects. 

10. Review updates from departments related to key process improvement and initiatives including departments within Student Services, Academic Affairs, and Finance and Operations. 

11. Confirm that CNM follows all applicable state guidelines as required. 

Committee: Planning