Governing Board Guide Appendices

Appendix 1: Annual Commitment Letter 

College Governing Board Member Code of Conduct

Member Role

Acting individually, or in concert with my fellow Governing Board Members as circumstances indicate, as a Member of the Governing Board of Central New Mexico Community College (CNM), I, _________________________________ [Name] agree to:

  • Support the Vision, Mission, and Core Values of CNM
  • Develop and support policies advancing the Vision, Mission, and Core Values of CNM
  • Evaluate execution of CNM programs and policies
  • Hire, supervise, evaluate, and counsel the CNM President
  • Attend all meetings of the Governing Board
  • Participate in assigned committee meetings
  • Participate in short- and long-range planning activities
  • Ensure effective fiscal controls and accountability
  • Approve the annual budget
  • Ensure CNM meets all legal and corporate requirements
  • Establish such programs, provide such courses and other services as are of benefit to the education of CNM students
  • Oversee control and management of all College property and funds, and the use of such funds and property to fulfill College objectives
  • Promote the College program to the public and seek the opinion and advice of citizens of my district about matters concerning CNM’s education programs
  • Work cooperatively with the CNM President and interested citizens in a continuous effort to improve the total College program
  • Provide appropriate notice of resignation to the Chair of the Governing Board if ever I am unable to fulfill the commitments as a Governing Board Member


As a Governing Board Member I agree to:

  • Recognize and honor the fact that my fellow citizens have entrusted me with the educational development of the men and women attending this college.
  • Recognize and honor the fact that the public expects my first and greatest concern to be in the best interest of every student without distinction
  • Recognize that my private actions may reflect upon the reputation of the College, and act accordingly.
  • Devote time, thought, and study to my role as Governing Board Member so that I may render effective and credible service.
  • Work with my fellow Governing Board Members in a spirit of harmony and cooperation despite differences of opinion that may arise during debates of issues.
  • Base my personal decision upon all available facts in each situation, vote my honest conviction in every case unswayed by partisan bias of any kind, and abide by and uphold the final majority decision of the Board
  • Acknowledge that as an individual I have no legal authority outside the meetings of the Governing Board and conduct my relationships with the college employees, the local citizenry, and all communication media based on this fact.
  • Acknowledge that the primary function of the Governing Board is to establish the policies by which the College is to be administered, and that the administration of the educational program and conduct of routine College business is left to the College President and employees.
  • Reject pressure to use my position as a Governing Board Member to benefit either myself or any other individual or agency apart from the total interest of the College.
  • Strive toward ideal conditions for the most effective service of the Governing Board to my community and state, in a spirit of teamwork and devotion to public education as the greatest instrument for the preservation and perpetuation of our representative democracy.
  • Consent to any requested criminal background check necessary for the College to carry out its business.

Conflict of Interest

As a Governing Board Member, I will not knowingly:

  • Disclose or use confidential information about the College to advance my financial or other private interest or that of others.
  • Approve or make any payment or use of College funds with the intention that any part of said funds be used for any purpose other than that described in the documents authorizing payment.
  • Participate in the negotiation or the making of any contract between the College and any business entity in which I have a financial interest, either directly or indirectly.
  • Represent a private interest in any action or proceeding before the Governing Board.
  • Request or receive any money, thing of value, or promise thereof, that is conditioned upon or given in exchange for performance or promised performance of an official act.
  • Render any commercial service to the College on a commission basis.
  • Disclose or use confidential information about the College to advance my financial or other private interests or that of others.
  • Use College assets or equipment for any unlawful or improper purpose or to promote any personal business interest.
  • Serve on any College evaluation committee for proposals or bids without disclosing any potential conflict of interest prior to the start of committee business.
  • Make decisions contrary to the ethical principles described in New Mexico’s Governmental Conduct Act.
  • Deprive anyone of rights in physical or intellectual property for my personal benefit in connection with any action undertaken or withheld.

  • And I will:

  • Disclose any real, apparent, or potential conflict of interest, making it a matter of record, through an annual procedure, or when the interest becomes a matter of Governing Board action, if not otherwise anticipated. I will ensure the minutes of any meeting where this might occur duly show that I have abstained from voting due to the potential or occurrence of a conflict of interest.
  • Not vote or use my personal influence on any matter, which might constitute a conflict of interest, provided that I may state my opinion or position on any matter described above, or answer pertinent questions to which I may lend my expertise, so long as I abstain from a Governing Board vote on the matter.

Fiduciary Duties

As a Governing Board Member, I agree to fulfill my fiduciary duties, generally, and as indicated in each of the following areas:

Duty of Care

  • Faithfully carry out my duties as the elected representative of my district.
  • Act in accordance with CNM policies and procedures and comply with all applicable local, state, and federal laws, in letter and in spirit.

Duty of Loyalty

  • Place the interests of CNM ahead of my own interests.
  • Support all decisions made by majority vote of the Governing Board. I shall not discredit a member who votes for or against a Governing Board decision. 
  • Keep CNM confidential information private.
  • Maintain familiarity with laws, regulations, and Governing Board rules applicable to my position. Questions about the legality or propriety of any action or failure to act are to be brought to the attention of the Chair and the CNM General Counsel, in advance whenever possible.

Duty of Honesty

  • Accurately report all relevant information to fellow Members, the President, and employees of CNM and/or the public as appropriate.
  • Refrain from misleading or misrepresenting facts, by omission, commission, or concealment in communications with fellow Members, the President, CNM employees, and/or the public.
  • Refrain from using College assets or equipment for any unlawful or improper purpose.
  • Refrain from requesting or receiving any money, item of value, or promise thereof, that is conditioned upon or given in exchange for performance or promised performance of an official act.

My signature evidences my annual commitment to undertake and fulfill the obligations, duties, and responsibilities of a Governing Board Member stated above.

Governing Board Member Signature:




Appendix 2: Committee Approval Matrix

Governing Board/ Capital Outlay/ Finance Committees Review and Approval 

Capital Outlay Committee Approval Full Governing Board Approval
Disposition of tangible personal property – current resale value of $5,000 or less X
Procurement/vendor selection for any capital project not included in the Annual Master Plan w/ estimated costs of $300k - $1M X
Procurement/vendor selection for any capital project not included in Annual Master Plan w/ estimated costs exceeding $1M X X
Master Plan Procurement/vendor selection w/ estimated costs of $300k - $1M X
Master Plan Procurement/vendor selection w/ estimated costs exceeding $1M X X

Appendix 3: New Member Orientation

The Governing Board Chair guides a new Member through the Orientation process.  The process includes the following meetings for the new Member with the:

  • Governing Board Chair
  • Each serving and newly elected or reelected Member
  • President
  • President’s Executive Leadership Team
  • Executive Director of CNM Foundation
  • Courtesy introductions to CEO of CNM Ingenuity, CNM Holdings, leaders of Faculty Senate and Executive Council of Students

The new Member is given the opportunity to tour all CNM campuses and CNM Ingenuity facilities during the first several months of service.

New members should review the CNM website. Attention should be given to The Source, the Employee Handbook, and especially to The Governing Board Guide & Policy Manual. These resources offer the opportunity to learn about the College in general, and more specifically about the powers and responsibilities of the Governing Board and the policies the Governing Board has adopted over time.

An informational packet in digital form is provided to a new Member containing:

  • CNM Factsheet
  • Governing Board roster and contact list
  • Governing Board committee schedule
  • Governing Board Guide
  • Audited Financial statements for CNM, CNMI, CNM Foundation, CNM Holdings
  • Strategic Direction Plan
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Organization Chart
  • Campus Maps
  • Acronym List
  • Links to CNM Ingenuity, CNM Foundation, CNM Holdings, CNM Programs, STEMulus Center, FUSE MakerSpace, and College & Career High School
  • Links to Employee Handbook and the Source

Additionally, all Board members receive a copy of: Trusteeship In Community Colleges, A Guide for Effective Governance, published by the Association of Community College Trustees.

Support staff from the office of the President ensures the new Member is authorized to access all necessary CNM electronic/digital resources.

Appendix 4: List of Applicable Laws

Disclaimer: This list of state laws with direct or indirect applicability to CNM’s Governing Board is not intended to capture every law that may apply to CNM’s Governing Board. Rather, it is intended to reference some key laws for the convenience and awareness of CNM Governing Board members.