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Plan to Graduate from Day One

It's important to start planning for graduation as soon as you start your program at CNM.

  1. Meet with an advisor to develop an academic plan.
  2. Declare a major through your myCNM account.
  3. If using transfer credit from other schools, submit your
    official transcripts.
  4. Request appropriate substitutions and/or waivers if applicable.

Graduation Requirements

You must meet the following requirements as well as those listed under their specific major (program):

Graduation Catalog

As a current student, you may choose to complete your program requirements as defined in the catalog in effect when you earned your first credit(s) at CNM or a later catalog as long as the catalog is not more than five years old.

Time of attendance is defined for the purposes of determining your Graduation Catalog as the period of time between your first earned credit hours at CNM through your last earned credit hours at CNM.

Note: Course pre- and corequisites must be met for each course at the time of registration, regardless of the catalog under which you will graduate.

  1. Declare or change your Official Major.
  2. Choose a Graduation catalog (see side bar).
  3. Complete all Required Coursework.
  4. Meet CNM's Residency Requirements.
  5. Meet CNM's GPA Requirement.
  6. All debts to CNM must be paid in full before graduation.
  7. You have up to one year after their last term of enrollment at CNM to apply for graduation.

Apply to Graduate

You may apply to graduate during the term in which you are enrolled in your final courses. The graduation application opens on the first day of each term and closes on the last day of each term.

You will graduate in the term for which you have a graduation application on file and in which all graduation requirements are completed, even if there is no Graduation Ceremony scheduled that semester.

Once degrees and certificates have been awarded for a given term, any additional requests will be processed at the end of the next term.

Participate in the Ceremony

You can also participate in the Graduation Ceremony. Learn more information.